Embrace the Journey

by As Night Falls

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Music: As Night Falls
Lyrics: Darek Markiewicz

We present you the with the next step on our journey, out first LP record. Embrace the Journey makes us proud, gives us strenght, takes us into a nostalgic place and makes us look at things in a new way.

We would like to take you on this journey.

You will be facing "Nightmares", take part in a "Human Game", be present with a "Forgotten Legacy", find a word of solace in "Stronger"...

We would like to dedicate this work to you - a person who reads this note. It is you, who we work and write for. Thank you for beeing with us.


released September 25, 2016



all rights reserved


As Night Falls Katowice, Poland

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Track Name: Eternal Dance
This is the flame Of waking sun Filling the heart with heat and delight Rising the desire To revel with fire but So fast it came So soon it's gone To cycle on

We must witness Eternal dance of life carries on Feel the swiftness Not to be left behind Taste the freedom And know our place Find the wisdom To carry the dream

This is the breeze Of piercing wind Quenching the flame without a mercy Roaming with no reason Whispering of treason but With blink of eye It disappears To shed no tears
Track Name: Stronger
The sky above your head
Is getting grey
You need a second chance
To stay
Close your eyes
Enjoy the fact you
Got this far
Your story
Begins and this is what you are

You get stronger
To find confidence
You live
You fight harder
For second chance
Find the
To keep going
To shine like a star
You're the meaning
Of your story
And now you are

The world just disapproves
The plan you had
It's time to make a turn
They said
You are weak
Don't let the words put
You behind
It's your way
And you decide what you will find
Track Name: Lost in Words
How do I start this letter to you
How to tell what I feel
There is no such a perfect word
And I
Can say sorry if you will

Then I'm asking how you are
Please lie
What your memories are
I am scared but I want to be sure
We can
Be forgiven and endure

I'm listening to silence
The same that devides us
No words can mean
That we are still the same
I hope that you stay strong
I pray we were not wrong
No hope can be
Just the waste of my tears

What if I can't get back to the world
What if there is no place
There is only regret, now I see
That we
Should have never allowed ourselves

We listened to silence
We let it devide us
No words can mend
The wound that is inside
Track Name: Beyond the Hatred
Why is This hatred coming from us The heart is growing sickness The weaker minds will follow This legacy of sorrow The biggest strive is failing Humanity is veiling
Disease that reach the deepest
Places in the soul

Life That can hold even smallest but still shining spark Will go on with the beat of the heart Love Can be found if you look for it deep down yourself Let it be your own light in the dark

Is there A chance to overcome this To find a new beginning Forgive and be forgiven To be no longer driven By judgement, pointing finger The right against the different It's time to find a reason It's time to make a choice

Life Is a story of greatest and so painfull falls All we need is to rise to our feet Find That compassion that makes every man what he is And to let it redeem our sins
Track Name: Human Game
Believing eyes is simple As hearing voices on the news Lie is easy Another madness getting loose The hate is reaching deeper Do not believe what you were told Trust your reason Another lives are beeing sold

See all that was took from us Words no longer could be trust(ed) Let us break this circle

Hunt and prey Human game Publish(ed) sentence In justice name Some deserve To be heard Break the silence And more than word is needed now

It happens for a reason When there is cloud in front of eyes Life is easy As browsing windowed paradise The plot is reaching deeper With every time you standing still There is nothing That can resist freedom of will

What we give comes back to us Voice no longer could be sil(enced) We must break this circle
Track Name: Haven
Sometimes all you see is grey And life just seems to fade There is no more else to feel When silence is the greatest fear you have You need another way Just let it in to forget

Hear the music it is there for you It will sound no matter what you do

Sometimes when you are awake And night just wouldn’t end There is so much to be felt When darkness is the only thing you see You need to get away Just let it in to forget
Track Name: Tale Of Blood
We travel alone on this night Felling the cold under our feet Trying to keep our distance Death is in the air We gather in the shadows Our enemy is near Stars are our witness Time to unleash the terror

Feel all that anger inside Leave all the reason behind Think of the blood in your eyes Death is approaching for us all This night we stand up and fight This night we’re ready to die This time we settle the score And unite in death till the end

Someone is watching from the hill A silent keeper of the night His breath is still and silent Shadow is his friend He’s watching every detail And now the story is to tell Of anger and a vengeance Of night and broken bodage
Track Name: Find Your Freedom
over highest cloud we find our freedom on the empty sky dreams are true and real here just you and me only wind that whispers here all that we see is the sun that

warms our hearts blood goes faster one spark that flash and burn inside

just another day hear the voice is calling leave the world below my life is up there only you and me only thing that matters and the only aim is the sun that

warms our hearts blood goes faster one spark that flash and burn inside

come stop the clock, cease the time loose yourself, close your eyes let it be, make you free to leave behind
Track Name: Nightmare
The cold is still inside me
My face and fingers pale "turn around" the voice keep saying
Look across the snowy veil
These eyes
These eyes keep watching
Look again
Look again and run

In my head is growing madness
I'm fighting to stay calm
Suddenly all goes silent
Feeling touch on my palm
I try
Try to shake off the darkness
Wake up
Now says the voice

Every night it’s back
Like a play with one act
Happend many nights
Had to fight so many fights
It’s always cold
Without the light to show the way
I’m feeling hold I cannot run

Know the game now, it's simple
Like the story that was told
The rules are never changing
There is snow and there is voice
One breathe
A breath is all I need now
One step
And I can open my eyes

And now it’s time to go
To leave this
Place that’s haunting me
Open door, look outside and
To see the story ends
No more dark, come to light now
Up through the rabbit’s hole
Leave behind grain of sand
Feet on the ground
Track Name: Forgotten Legacy
Come follow me Let me show you will see The wonders Of land Far behind sea Open eyes to believe Your senses Don’t lie

We move on to A place where streets Have no name Whispers We hear That we can’t stay

Remnants of past All what was couldn’t last Too many To mourn Shelter was gone All must bow to the throne The candle Has burnt

Distant vision Of paradise Forgotten Silenced And gone What eyes witness The voice must tell The story Echos In stones That will remain
Track Name: Next to you
Is there chance for forgiveness Just wanted to tell you this Let me pass this moment Let me hold you again I want to lay down By you and to fell Safe and secure tonight Tomorrow and forever

You just say you Don`t know where it goes and You can`t tell me How to feel about it You stay silent Make me hate myself and You kill us again

Sometimes I fell like a stranger Just wanted to make you mine If you hear my whisper I`m still by your side Don’t let go right now The night is falling And maybe we can be here Tomorrow and forever